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A Possible Alternative to Tree Removal

Complete Tree Trimming Services

Tree trimming can help avoid safety hazards, encourage growth, and promote health. By nature, trees grow to withstand harsh storms and weather conditions, but every so often they require a little outside assistance. There are four main reasons you may be in need of our tree trimming services.

  • Safety – damaged and diseased limbs are more likely to break and fall, potentially harming people and the surrounding area. It is important to remove any dead or damaged growth immediately to the need for a full tree removal. Trees that are too tall are also more vulnerable to damage caused by weather.
  • Health – if left unattended diseased limbs can weaken the tree itself requiring more extensive trimming or even a full tree removal.
  • Aesthetics – uncontrolled growth can lead to trees that look unbalanced or lose their natural shape lessening their appeal.
  • Landscaping – trees are likely one part of a much larger landscaping plan. Overgrown trees can block sunlight and cause competition for vital nutrients and water. This can damage and weaken the surrounding landscape, which increases the chance for disease and insect infestation.

If you have a residential or commercial property, we'll be able to help no matter what the size of your lot. We have several trucks and machines and offer routine tree maintenance as well, which helps the landscape of your property look beautiful all year round.

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Residential and Commercial

Tree Trimming Requires Extensive Knowledge

Trimming trees is not a task that should be undertaken unless you have the proper knowledge and tools needed to ensure you do not cause further damage to the tree itself or the surrounding area.

Depending on the species, different techniques, timing, and tools are needed to properly trim. Improper trimming can cause more damage, which can lead to the need for a full tree removal. For example: most arborists do not trim branches close to or during the winter months, as the cold air and extreme weather can prevent the tree from being able to recover prior to the important spring growing season.

The purpose of tree trimming is to promote continued growth and health. Our trained arborists at Cupertino Tree Service have the professional experience and knowledge required to ensure your trees are trimmed properly. If you have any questions or are concerned about one of your trees, please give us a call today. We’d be happy to send someone out to take a look and answer any questions you have have.

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