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When you have a diseased or hazardous tree that needs to be removed, our certified team will help remove it safely.

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While regular pruning and maintenance can help prevent the need to remove a tree, there are times when removing a tree is unavoidable. Trees that are left unattended, incorrectly planted, or are damaged by harsh weather conditions, disease or insects, are unsightly and, more importantly, can pose a safety risk to people and surrounding structures.

Removal of hazardous trees are one of the top reasons why we are called. In some cases during the Winter season, floods, and harsh winds cause irreversible damage to trees and roots. When this happens, soil gets loose, mudslides occur, and trees fall down on top of houses, and public roads. The situations require careful emergency tree removal.

The best way to prevent emergency situations is to avoid the potential for tree removal. With a bit of precautionary, regular tree maintenance, you can save your property from having to remove a tree. Routine pruning, limb removal and proper planting are the best ways to ensure your trees grow in the right direction and do not turn into a potential safety risk in the future.

Removing trees, particularly large ones, can be difficult. At Cupertino Tree Service, we have the necessary knowledge and equipment to ensure it is done correctly and safely. The way in which a tree is removed depends entirely upon its size, location, and the reason why it is being removed.

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How Much Does Tree Removal Cost?

Pricing differs depending on the type and size of the tree, its location and whether specialized tools and equipment are needed. Larger trees are more difficult to remove, require more equipment and therefore are more expensive.

The range for tree removal can range anywhere from $600–$2000, again depending on the quantity of trees needed, the type, and its location on the property.

The process of tree removal requires us to inspect the tree on site, plan safety procedures and escape routes. We need to make sure a tree has enough room to safely fall down without hurting our team and anyone else.

We offer free estimates and on site visits for all our customers, so that we can assess the cost and inform you of the process. If you have any questions or would like to request a quote, please contact us and speak with our professional arborists.

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