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Have a stump that needs to be removed? We provide full stump removal and grinding of stumps that have become hazardous to your property.

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Tree Removal Including the Stump

Stump Removal and Grinding

After performing a tree removal service, many choose to have the remaining stump removed as well. We do our best to cut as close to the ground as possible, but how close depends on the tree that’s being removed and the surrounding area. Before we cut down and remove any tree, we need to assess its location, and whether it obstructs any structures or utility lines above and below ground.

We highly recommend having any remaining stump removed as not only can the stump be unsightly, but it can also attract pests which can infect and damage the surrounding landscape. Every size job requires us to plan the use of equipment that will be needed.

Stump grinders that are inadequately powered can make it more difficult or impossible to move the stump completely, and the procedure can take much longer. Cupertino Tree Service has the professional heavy stump grinders needed to ensure safe and effective stump removal regardless of size or location.

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The Benefits of Stump Removal

  • Safety – tree stumps are trip hazards, resulting in injuries.
  • Prevent Pests and Disease – tree stumps are an attractive habitat for pests, such as termites, and diseases that can spread to healthy neighboring plants and trees.
  • Avoid Damage – when a stump remains, so does its root system. Even if the tree is visibly removed, the roots will continue to grow and causing potential damage to structures, walk-ways, and other plantings.
  • Start Fresh – a remaining stump will prevent new plantings from being able to grow. By removing the stump, you can open a flat place for new plants, flowers, or lawn.
  • Mulch – after grinding a stump, nutrient rich mulch is left over that can be recycled or used to enhance the health and beauty of the surrounding area.

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