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Make your landscape beautiful with professional shrub and tree pruning. This makes sure your property maintains its appeal and your trees grow properly.

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Enhancing the Look of Your Trees

Aesthetic Shrub Pruning

Shrubs are an integral part of most landscaping. Although different from trees, shrubs still require care and annual maintenance to promote health, growth, and aesthetic appeal. Shrubs are often planted in their infancy and start as little plants.

However, if left unattended they can grow too big and lose their natural shape. Shrubs tend to need more regular pruning that trees. At Cupertino Tree Service we often recommend pruning shrubs in the spring and then again in the fall to promote new growth.

Pruning is not as simple as using a pair of shears to nip here and there. Great care and knowledge are needed to prevent damage to the shrub itself. Like tree trimming, pruning technique varies depending on what species of plant and the aesthetic outcome desired.

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